IN Your Head Radio wrap-up

Another week of stellar guests on IN Your Head Radio.

1/7/08 Gerald Cilente -Trends Research Institute
Talked about the coming Economic 9/11 and the spread of the tax revolt across the country.

1/8/08 Bob Geary – N.C. Indy’s Edwards Watch column
John Edwards’ campaign is over, even if he doesn’t recognize it. Probably won’t win South Caroline primary – even though he was born there.

1/9/08 State Sen. Nan Rich – Florida for Hillary Clinton
First interview on the Democratic side regarding any of the candidates. Rich believes Clinton will be the nominee because she has more experience and substance than other candidates.

1/10/08 Eric Stevenson, Attorney
NewsRadio 1620 broke the Jim Paul arrest story just as I was going on air. We got Eric on the show to discuss Florida DUI law and how Paul could defend himself in court. Eric handles DUI cases.

1/11/08 Jim Paul
We had Paul’s first in-depth radio interview.

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