Independent News requests Mayor Hayward hold a press conference on Pitt Slip leases

The time has come for Mayor Ashton Hayward to explain his position on the Pitt Slip leases and why he believes The Fish House and Atlas Oyster House owe the city five percent of their gross sales retroactively to April 2000. His press release from last night leaves more questions than it answers.

I sent the following email this morning to Mayor Hayward and his Communications Administrator and copied all the local media, whom I hope will join me in this request:

From: Richard Outzen
Subject: Request for Press Conference
Date: December 11, 2013 8:09:51 AM CST
To: Tamara Fountain , Ashton Hayward
Cc: Randy Wood , Terry Cole , Dave Hoxeng , “” , Jim Sanborn , Joani Delezen ,,,, Mollye Barrows


The Independent News requests that Mayor Ashton Hayward hold a press conference on his dispute over the Pitt Slip leases. Since the News Journal reported on the notification of default, he and his administration have refused interviews with all local media.

This is too important an issue for the taxpayers of the city for the mayor to remain on the sidelines with his only communications being done through press releases.

Two months ago, Mayor Hayward launched his “Mornings with Mayor” press conferences to establish an open line of communication with the media and for him to field questions directly. The sessions were to be held every week, according to the mayor.

The last “Morning with the Mayor” was Nov. 5.

The mayor needs to hold a press conference and explain his side of this dispute to the media and the public.


Richard Outzen
Publisher, Independent News
(850) 438-8115