Inmates tell WKRG about smell of gas days before blast

WKRG interviewed Malissa Purifoy, who was released from the jail the day before the explosion. Purifoy said, “For a couple of days we had smelled a gas smell and we complained to the officers about it.” (Read Inmates: Guards Ignored Gas Concerns)

In our May 8 issue, you will find my story on the explosion – “Inside the Chaos” – which has similar interviews. The edition goes live on our website at 4 p.m. today.

It has been a week since the explosion that killed two inmates, paralyzed a guard and injured over 200 prisoners and corrections officers. The county has stayed firm on its “facts” about the blast:

1. All inmates have been accounted for.

2. The gas leak was not reported prior to the blast.

3. The basement, where some believe the explosion originated, only had 26 inches of water in it.

Evidence and witnesses are telling a very different story. I look forward to the ATF report.