Irish bookies give edge to Romney

Irish betting company Paddy Power have made Mitt Romney the favourite for today’s Iowa caucus. The former Massachusetts governor is available at Evens with his nearest challengers’ libertarian Texas congressman Ron Paul and surprise package Rick Santorum both available at 2/1.

Further down the betting former front runners for the Republican nomination Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are at 20/1 and 33/1 while Michele Bachmann at 50/1 and Jon Huntsman at 100/1 are the underdogs for the first GOP ballot.

For the Republican nomination Mitt Romney is also the favourite at odds of 2/5 followed by Ron Paul at 7/1 and Newt Gingrich at 8/1, a surge in support over the past week has seen Rick Santorum odds cut from 20/1 to 14/1 while Rick Perry continues to slide and is now a 33/1 long shot.

Paddy Power said “The race for the Republican nomination really is hotting up, Romney is the clear favourite at the minute but with this race already having had so many twists and turns we could have a few more surprises before the end.”

Iowa Republican Caucas
Evs Mitt Romney
2/1 Rick Santorum
2/1 Ron Paul
20/1 Newt Gingrich
33/1 Rick Perry
50/1 Michele Bachmann
100/1 Jon Huntsman

Republican Presidential Nomination
2/5 Mitt Romney
7/1 Ron Paul
8/1 Newt Gingrich
14/1 Rick Santorum
18/1 Jon Huntsman
33/1 Rick Perry
40/1 Michele Bachmann

Next President (Winning Candidate)
4/5 Barack Obama
7/4 Mitt Romney
12/1 Newt Gingrich
14/1 Ron Paul
20/1 Hillary Clinton
33/1 Jon Huntsman
50/1 Rick Santorum
50/1 Rick Perry
80/1 Michele Bachman
125/1 Joe Biden