Is Bare helping or hurting Wiggins

Mike Wiggins has the vocal support of Charles Bare and Diane Mack. The two were very different candidates for mayor before the August primary; they had very different platforms.

Mack led the effort to rename two blocks of Alcaniz for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She has pushed Wiggins to “to make significant progress toward bringing the diverse populations of this city together.”

Mack is an advocate for the African-American community, something that Charles Bare will never be called, especially now after he sent last night this email – under the subject “the African American Vote.”

“Ashton and his supporters are doing whatever it takes to get the African American vote. I saw his sign between M and N streets on Cervantes today with a Kendrick Meek and Barack Obama sign mounted on it. Ashton was on his way to Channel 3 down Cervantes. I saw him driving there right before I photographed the sign. He drove right past it, so I don’t think he can say that he hasn’t seen it. Last time I checked he was a registered Republican.”

I am confident that Wiggins and his official campaign team didn’t approve this email, but it shows the how someone will make issues out of nothing when it comes to race…and why Bare placed fourth in the primary.

Neither Hayward or Wiggins are Democrats. The race is non-partisan. If a property owner wants Hayward, Meek and Obama signs on his/her property, it is allowed to do so by law and the Constitution.

Wiggins needs to rein Bare in and remind him what the real issues are in mayoral race.

…and BTW The person who should be upset is Brian Spencer whose sign is on the ground.