Is BP punishing Charter Boat leaders?

One of my sources for my article on the Vessels of Opportunity for The Daily Beast was Scott Robson, president of the Destin Charter Boat Association. Robson is also the captain that took Gov. Charlie Crist on the Gulf over Memorial Day weekend to show him the plight of those who live off the Gulf.

Here is the latest email from BP:

I found out Friday that my contract in the VOO program has been lost I am not even in the system, I wonder how that happen? They told me today they (BP) are not hiring any more boats they have enough, isn’t that great so, I the fisherman will be left out but private pleasure boats will make extra money and their lives don’t depend on the sea. Call Bob Zales again a millionaire in Panama City has his Yacht in the program getting paid $3000 a day to sit at the dock.

Capt Scott

When will the feds or state officials step in and stop BP’s incompetent management of this program?