Is it time to close EOC?

For 10 weeks, the Escambia County Emergency Operations Center has been operating. It is on W Street miles away from the impacted areas. This is an operation that was made for dealing with hurricanes and other natural disasters–events of limited duration. County staff is having to operate out two locations and has done so for over 70 days.

It’s time the BOCC shut it down and realize the oil disaster work is going to have become a county department, maybe even an enterprise operation funded by BP, state and feds. SRIA and Buck Lee need to be reined in and placed under that department.

Daily briefings can be done and press conferences held in the Escambia County Complex on Palafox. Maybe even do one a week on Pensacola Beach and at Perdido Key.

Save the EOC for hurricanes and realize that battling this BP oil disaster is going to be a way of life for awhile.