Is PNJ more about marketing solutions than news?

The Gannett Blog is the one who is asking this question. In its 2009 annual report, Gannett, the owner of Pensacola’s daily newspaper, described itself as “a leading international news and information company.” In its latest reports to Form 10-K, Gannett describes itself as “an international media and marketing solutions company.”

Over the past year, we seen the daily close down its printing operations and force its reporters to take quarterly, one-week furloughs. The paper is about to lease or sale its Romana office complex and it’s rumored that it will move to the Bank of America building.

It’s biggest expansions have been advertorial monthly magazines – Bella, Home & Garden, etc. and its entertainment website,

However, it works. Local businesses continue to place their ad dollars with them. Maybe we should switch to “marketing solutions,” too. Nah, I’m too old school and have to look at my fat-ass in the mirror every morning.

If you want to support Gannett, here is the link of their ad department. If you want more investigative reporting and local coverage of politics, arts and entertainment, contact Jennifer at our office. Every ad dollar stays here.

We are about the news, not marketing solutions…that is the hill we’re willing to die on.