Is this the best BP can do?

BP is one of the largest corporations in the world. They’ve told us that they have their best and brightest minds on this. They asked for all our help and ideas in early May at the community meetings. We were told to volunteer. We were told that they would make this right. We told that they would spare no expense.

Here is an email and photos from a reader:

The workers on Pensacola Beach missed a huge opportunity to start cleaning this mess last night when the temperatures had cooled and the tar had solidified. I thought our crews were supposed to be working around the clock, but there was little evidence of activity last night.

These pictures are from Thursday morning and again the crews are using shovels. I assume this time they are having to dig the oil out of the sand beneath the surface as heavy wave action last night drove the oil down into the sand.

Is this the best we can expect from BP?

I have attempted to send these pictures to Jeff Miller and Charlie Crist but apparently they cannot receive mail with pictures attached. I was told by Congressman Miller’s staff that he is well aware of what is going on and does not need to see pictures. Perhaps you will have better luck bringing this situation to their attention.