It’s late …and I’ve had too much to think – 8/31/06

EyeI’ve grown up around politicians. My father – who grew up very poor during the Depression – would take candidates around to the black churches in the Mississippi Delta, because many of the ministers were his childhood friends. He later became the Election Commissioner for our county.

At Ole Miss, I dined and met with governors, U.S. Senators and Congressmen. I sat on panels with presidential candidates…even a young Bill Clinton – who was Ark Atty General at the time.

I listened to their stories. I watched how they met people publicly and privately. Some were great men. Others were sleazes.

My experiences impact how I deal with elected officials and candidates today. I see them as men and women and treat them no different than any one else. I’m not a good butt-kisser…it’s my biggest weakness.

I also have zero tolerance for public officials who lie and manipulate events for their personal gain. Marty Donovan is such a person – maybe not on all matters, but he most definitely is on the Community Maritime Park.

He isn’t big enough of a man to vote to name the waterfront park for his sister’s father-in-law – Vince Whibbs, Sr.

He won’t stand up and defend his fellow councilmen and city staff against an accusation of Sunshine Law violations and bribery.

When people have misrepresented the facts about the waterfront park on Blab or WCOA, he hasn’t corrected them.

He couldn’t even sit in the green room at WSRE with Quint Studer and Mort O’Sullivan before the debate.

Fortunately, the tide has turned on Marty. He and SOC peaked too early. They’ve given the media and the public too much time to see through their attacks.

Build a better waterfront park?….They have no plan after having three years to come up with one.

No maritime park? …..Millions have been donated to insure the park will be built.

No public input?….Dozens of meetings – by the council and the CMP group over 14 months.

Baseball park won’t work…. Mayor Bobby Bright has proof it does. He also vouches that the park can be for multiple uses.

It’s shame Donovan and SOC have not given the voters the truth and instead attack me, Studer, Cavanaugh, Fetterman, Whibbs and the entire City goverment.

I’m proud to be included in such great company.