Jeb Bush announces Escambia County campaign team

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has announced his Escambia County campaign team. It’s a Who’s Who of community leaders and elected officials.

Mayor Ashton Hayward isn’t listed. In 2012, the mayor campaigned for Mitt Romney. Who will he endorse this time?

Also missing are any of the GOP county commissioners – Wilson Robertson, Doug Underhill, Grover Robinson and Steven Barry.

Bush Escambia Team

Honorary Chairman

Jeff Miller

Honorary Co-chairs

Senator Greg Evers
Representative Clay Ingram


Collier Merrill

Lewis Bear
Kevin Brown
Jeremy Evans
Susan Moore
Sandra Phillips
Jim Reeves
Charlie Rittenhouse
Tracy Richardson-James
Garrett Walton

Escambia County Campaign Leadership:

Pensacola Council President Andy Terhaar
Pensacola Councilman PC Wu
Pensacola Councilman Charles Bare
Pensacola Councilman Brian Spencer
Escambia School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas
ECUA Board Member Lois Benson
ECUA Board Member Vicki Campbell
Mayor of Pensacola John Fogg (served 1994-2009)
Pensacola Council Member Diane Mack (served 2009-2011)

Toni Allsopp
Stan Allsopp
J. Andrew Barrineau
Doug Bates
Pamela Bilbrey
Allee Brown
Sharon Collins
Nancy Fetterman
Jennifer Landrum Grove
Casey Hutson
Maureen Kennedy
Jack Lowrey
Elena Martinez
Patrick McClellan
Lisa Mix
Patty Northup
Diane Rittenhouse
Helen Saino
Paige Smith
Dorothy Terry
Lisa Walsh
Frank White
Charlotte Williams