John Tesh to the rescue

Press Release:

“Adopt A Fisherman” Humanitarian Effort Expands To Pensacola, FL

John Tesh Radio Show’s Team Has Landed in Pensacola;
$30,000 Raised For Gulf Fishermen And Their Families Since June 3

PENSACOLA, FL (JUNE 29, 2010) — As the oil continues to wreak havoc in the Gulf, The John Tesh Radio Show has expanded its humanitarian effort helping the many fishermen and their families who have lost their livelihood. The effort, called “Adopt A Fisherman,” launched on June 3rd in Louisiana and has now been expanded to the Florida Panhandle.

Starting today, “Uncle” Vinny Sellecchia and Kathy Banning, who work with John Tesh and Connie Sellecca’s “Intelligent Kindness” outreach, which is designed to connect the radio show’s listeners with people needing help around the world, will distribute relief in Pensacola to those devastated by the ongoing oil spill.

John Tesh, host of The John Tesh Radio Show, said, “Even though oil has been pouring into the gulf for weeks, the economic impact of this disaster on these families will not be fully felt for some time. The longer the fishing remains closed, the more and more these families will need our help.”

To date, “Adopt A Fisherman” has raised $30,000 to help the families. The funds raised are being distributed in the forms of financial assistance, food, clothing, medical care, childcare and, if needed, relocation assistance.

In addition to raising donations from his radio show listeners, John Tesh has also announced that he will donate $5 of every ticket sold for his July concert series to “Adopt A Fisherman.” The concert dates are July 22/Portland, Maine; July 23/Tarrytown, NY; July 24/Claremont, NH; and July 25/Burlington, VT.

Several website links have been set up where anyone can donate to the effort: or 100 percent of all donations will go directly to fishermen and their families via the SelleccaTesh Foundation, an IRS Certified 501(c)3 private foundation.

For more information, please visit the web sites above and/or listen to The John Tesh Radio Show for reports directly from the Gulf.