Johnson raises $10,983.02

Larry B. Johnson, who is facing Councilman Marty Donovan in a run-off tomorrow, reported a whopping $10,983.02 in contributions for this last report.

Here’s the list of contributors:
Pensacola Professional Firefig,$500,Check
Southern Eclectic LLC,$500,Check
Michael Parker,$133,Check
Mary Studer,$500,Check
Quint Studer,$500,Check
Valerie J Russenberger,$500,Check
George Overby, Sr,$50,Cash
George Overby, Jr,$50,Cash
Cindy McCormick,$50,Cash
E.C. McCormick,$50,Cash
Peter Gaddy,$50,Cash
Lauren Gaddy,$50,Cash
Fred G Levin,$100,Check
Michael Papantonio,$500,Check
Douglas Tappan,$150,Check
Robert Loehr,$250,Check
Mark Proctor,$250,Check
Jemison Mims,$100,Check
Robert Blanchard,$100,Check
Alan Moore,$100,Check
William Baker,$200,Check
Rhonda Bonifay,$250,Check
Clay Roesch,$50,Check
Nathan Kahn,$100,Check
Thompson Briggs Developers Inc,$500,Check
Vera Giacofei,$20,Cash
Lumon May,$100,Check
The Halford Company, LLC,$200,Check
Katrina Mougey,$100,Check
Daniel Zimmern,$150,Check
F.E. Booker Co,$150,Check
The McKinley Block, LLC,$150,Check
Northwestern Partners, Inc,$250,Check
Michael Cranmer,$150,Check
Carson Lovell, Inc.,$150,Check
Whitesell Green, Inc.,$150,Check
Joseph Buehler,$150,Check
Melinda Ellen Hilterbrand,$300,Check
Gordon Sprague,$150,Check
Tim Falzone,$500,Check
Ann Brett,$100,Check
Nancy Fetterman,$100,Check
Jeremy Brown,$150,Check
Kelley Lebel,$150,Check
John S Carr,$150,Check
Bob Kerrigan,$250,Check
Mary Moulton,$250,Check
Robert Patton,$100,Check