Jones may or may not challenge Gaetz

Rebekah Jones, the whistleblower that has challenged how Gov. Ron DeSantis reported on the COVID-19 pandemic, announced yesterday on Instagram her intention to run against Congressman Matt Gaetz.

“One of the reasons I held off on making any final decisions about running for office was because that I hoped the criminal justice system would remove Matt Gates from Congress on its own,” Jones said in a brief video. “That is taking a very long time and none of it is certain, especially because the rich and powerful play by their own rules. They don’t play by the same rules as everybody else.”

She continued, “I had hoped that someone in the Republican party would step up and primary him, and I’ve yet to see that happen. If it takes me going home to Florida to run against Matt Gates, then I will do it.”

Jones ended video: “If it means getting one child sex trafficker out of office, you’re damn right I’ll do it.” And closed with a wink to camera.

Florida Politics reported that Jones, who currently lives in Maryland, later “ratcheted down the prospect of an actual run.”

As of this morning, she had not filed to run