Just in time for GOP Presidential Primary

Governor Rick Scott has proclaimed January 22 – 28, 2012 as “Hazardous Materials Awareness Week” in Florida. Joining Governor Scott in commemorating the educational week is the Florida Division of Emergency Management, in partnership with the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) for Hazardous Materials and the Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) across the state. This year’s focus is on Mercury.

“Florida’s economy and quality of life are directly impacted through the safe utilization of many chemicals,” said Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Bryan W. Koon. “The understanding and awareness of Florida’s safe history and use of these materials underscores the importance of this week. I encourage all Floridians to take time to learn about the uses of Mercury and other commonly used materials in their area to raise the level of awareness and preparedness for their families.”

Year round, LEPCs maintain and update regional hazardous materials emergency response plans, manage the information and inventories of local hazardous materials, and produce outreach functions to increase hazardous materials awareness. In Florida, thousands of first responders and local emergency managers have received free training provided and/or coordinated by the LEPCs over the last several years.

Hazardous Materials Awareness Week public education and training events are being coordinated through the regional LEPCs. To learn more about LEPC’s, their outreach events and information, and Mercury’s uses and safe handling, visit: http://www.floridadisaster.org/hazmat/serc/news.htm.
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