Keep comments on point.

I try to let the comments on this blog flow freely. However some comments have been more personal attacks -done anonmyously of course – on others posting on this blog. Guess it’s because we’re in the middle of a heated campaign season and politics can bring out the worst of some.

What has set this blog apart is its humor, playful attitude and the intelligence of those who comment. There’s a wide “gray area” that I allow in comments, because you do a pretty good job of policing yourselves. If one racist or bigot starts posting, you handle them well with humor and wit.However, we have a few – some new, some that have been longtime posters – who have been more negative lately- offering few real ideas, just attacking everyone else on the blog without offering anything constructive.

We can start moderating all comments – which slows down the exchange of ideas. Or we can place stricter rules on who is allowed to comment – requiring valid email addresses and having to register. Or we can start banning I.P. addresses and then we play a game of negative posters switching computers.

I don’t want to do any of these.

So I ask all who comment on this blog have fun, but stay on issues. Avoid the temptation to personally attack another person just because you disagree with their opinions.

If you have trouble following these rules, move over to some other blog or forum that doesn’t care what you post.

—Rick Outzen