Keep Pensacola Beautiful has new director

Keep Pensacola Beautiful would like to welcome its new Executive Director, Christopher Wise, who came on board mid-July.

Christopher Wise is a Florida native and comes to Keep Pensacola Beautiful with over thirty years’ experience in both the public and private sectors. Chris devoted 27 years in the U.S. Navy as a supply corps officer. His professional credits are exceptional; winning many awards for best operation in supply chain four times and best in class food operations two times. He was honored when selected to serve on two Presidential Staff’s for President Reagan and President Bush and served with distinction receiving accolades and awards from both President’s.

As Director of Operations at HelloFresh, he developed strategies and established criteria for vendors to supply biodegradable packaging and developed a recycling program for customers to return reusable materials. This emphasized for him the importance of keeping the environment clean and beautifying communities because it has a positive impact both economically and from a community pride stand point. Chris’ passion is giving back to the community and helping others as well as developing the next generation of leaders by sharing his experience and knowledge.

Our retiring director, Gwinn Corley, has been in this role for the past fifteen years. He has overseen the organization’s transition from Clean & Green to a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate, Keep Pensacola Beautiful. Under Mr. Corley’s leadership, Keep Pensacola Beautiful has been highly involved with events and festivals that take place in Pensacola, doing the behind the scenes work to clean up litter and manage trash.