Kenny Chesney says ‘Thank you’

Kenny Chesney will be holding a free concert this weekend at the Flora-Bama. Ads have been running daily in the PNJ explaining how his promoters and the bar will deal with parking and transportation.

Chesney sent to the bar owner this ‘Thank you’ email, which in turn was passed on to the Escambia County commissioners:

Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 8:26 AM
To: John McInnis III
Subject: Thank you


I just wanted to take a moment to say how excited I am about this coming
weekend. I realize a lot of work, stress, and anxiety has gone into
this event and that a lot of people have gone above and beyond to help
pull this off. I’m not sure of all the names and I sure hope to meet
everyone this weekend to personally thank everyone, but would you please
forward this email to everyone who has been involved from the State of
Alabama, State of Florida, Baldwin County, Alabama, Escambia County,
Florida, Gulf Shores, Alabama, Orange Beach, Alabama, Peridido Key and
Pensacola. I really appreciate all the tireless efforts everyone has
put into what I hope is gonna be a great musical experience for
everyone. We could not have done this without the support, mental
energy, and hard work of so many people.

I chose this area to do my only concert of 2014 and our CMT documentary
because I truly love it. It’s a part of my soul, the friendships I’ve
made, the music I’ve made and I really believe the area represents a lot
of my audience in No Shoes Nation. I’ve been all over the world and you
have one of the most special places anywhere. Your area has some of the
softest, whitest, sand in the world and also some of the best people who
simply love life and music. I also chose the Flora-Bama because the
area and the bar has had a long history of supporting free spirits,
musicians and songwriters for years both local and national. It’s been
a place for writers to play there music for people who really appreciate
the songs and the craft of songwriting. I love that about the
Flora-Bama and I love that about the long history of people who have
lived a lot of life with those songwriters and their songs.

Again, I just wanted to reach out to thank you and everyone involved
for your love and support. As I said, I truly love the area and want to
do anything I can to tell the world and everyone in No Shoe Nation why I
love it. We are going to produce a full 1 hour CMT special on the
Flora-Bama, the event, and the area. I want people to know how
beautiful, soulful, creative, and fun this place is and what makes it
special. In the special I’m going to make sure I tell people why I
chose this area of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Perdido Key, and Pensacola
to do this event. We are also gonna do a big social media campaign
about the event and thanking the area.

Also, we just released the song Flora-Bama that is gonna live in the
culture of this bar and in the area for generations to come and while we
are there, we are going to shoot a great music video for the song also.
We are going to work really hard to make the video and the CMT special
represent the bar, the people, and the area in the best way possible. I
cant wait to dive into all this, cause the song, the special, and the
video is truly coming from the heart and from a place that really makes
me happy because I believe it’s going to make a lot of people happy and
smile. Cheers to that.

Again, thanks to you, everyone at the Flora-Bama, and to everyone from
the State of Alabama and the State of Florida for the help in producing
this documentary and for going above and beyond to get ready for
Hurricane No Shoes Nation!! haha


Kenny Chesney

August 13, 2014