Lack of transparency at Pensacola City Hall disappointing

Early Saturday morning, police fatally shot Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, 28, in Fort Worth, Texas.

The body camera footage shows the perspective of the officer outside the home, peering inside a window using a flashlight, spotting someone inside standing near a window and telling her, “Put your hands up — show me your hands,” before shooting seconds later. At no point does he identify himself as an officer.

Media had the body cam video within hours of the shooting.

Meanwhile the city of Pensacola has yet to release the body cam videos of the shooting of Tymar Crawford on July 5. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has completed its investigation. The Pensacola Police Department has also completed its investigation and fired the officer.

On Friday, Inweekly made another request of the video and has yet to hear back from the city. Unless the city can cite a specific exemption for not giving us the video, we shall file suit this week.

The mayor and police chief in Fort Worth have a stronger commitment to transparency. Fort Worth released its video before an in-depth investigation had even begun. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price released a statement saying that Police Chief Ed Kraus and his command staff would act with “immediacy and transparency to conduct a complete and thorough investigation.” The police then released the body cam video.

Here is the video: