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In my email – I didn’t even know I entered:

Attn; REF NO; ILPB642857301
In view of the yearly sweepstake of the above named organization held on the 25th of May 2007.It is my pleasure to inform you that your e-mail address attached to the above Ref No, ticket star number (45407),serial number 51622, lucky numbers 3-18-40-40-76, batch number EULO/2907/444/908/06 came up in the first dip.This invariably means that you have emerged as the prize recipient in the first category with an allocated sum of Nine Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand United States Dollars(US$975.000.00). Be informed that all participants were selected from a random computing ballot system.This charitable sweepstake is sponsored by a group of corporate organizations and governmental parastatals drawn from major cities in Europe.As a matter of principle,you are to donate at the minimum one tenth of the fund to an outstandi ng charity project in your locality after the reception of your fund.

To file for your claim and other enquiries,contact the designated fiducial consultant:
Mr. Mark Meer;
Contact Email:  (
Tel:0031-624-560-761 .
Please note all winning must be claimed not later than 15th of June, 2007.
Congratulations once more
Faithfully yours’
Mrs. Henk Smith

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