Lau concedes to Walter ‘Mike’ Hill

We received the following statement from Jeremy Lau:

I would like to first congratulate Mr. Hill and his staff on a hard fought campaign. We all should support him as he serves out the remainder of Representative Ford’s term in Tallahassee. Secondly, I would like to thank my staff and supporters for their remarkable effort in this special election cycle. We made an incredible run and just simply did not have enough time.

I stated at the beginning of the election that the citizens of district 2 would have a choice and a dialogue about the state of affairs both within the district and in Tallahassee. We achieved that goal beyond anyone’s expectation. I am honored to have met and spoken to so many during the course of this election.

I would also like to assure all of the citizens of district 2 that I will continue to question the circumstances surrounding the security and integrity of election materials and equipment in Santa Rosa County. I have real and valid concerns about the handling of the investigation that is still ongoing. However, I feel that to continue to pursue this issue, in the context of this election, will only harm the District. I believe that there are better avenues to pursue this inquiry.

It is time that we focus on 2014, and the work that is before us. As far as my future, we will see what that may be. I will take some time, speak with my family and supporters, and decide at some point what is best for the district, my family and myself. I certainly am not ruling out a future bid, but now is not the time for those discussions.

For now, I will extend my warmest regards to District 2. My thanks for their encouragement, their support and their vote. I will see all of you very soon.

Jeremy Lau