Letters to Editor: IMPACT article makes impact

Last week’s cover story  Move Over Boys has received praise from Pensacola IMPACT 100 members:

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you! The IMPACT article is fantastic. Stephanie Sharpe did a wonderful job telling the story in a way that really highlights the magic of this organization. I am often asked by women (and men) from various communities around the country to explain how we work and why we’ve been so successful – from the beginning to now. Going forward, I can simply forward them this article.

I also want you to know how impressed I was with Stephanie. She arrived for our interview right on time; she was engaging in her approach and questioning to better understand IMPACT; and finally, her style and flow in sharing our story was right on target. I can’t imagine that anyone else could have done it better. My compliments and appreciation to you and your team, especially Stephanie, for making this happen.

I appreciate you. Thanks again for giving IMPACT the space and for assigning Stephanie to tell our story –

-Debbie Ritchie, Pensacola


Thank you so much for the Impact article in today’s edition!  It is well written and tells our story to a T!!  I know your inbox will be flooded with emails from our membership, so I apologize for adding another, but just wanted to say how much we appreciate your coverage!

Cyndi Dawson
Impact 100 Treasurer