Life Support Project: Wedgewood, An American Nightmare

Dr. Gloria Horning has worked hard to document the environmental and health issues in the Wedgewood community. She helped me connect with residents in the Wedgewood, Rolling Hills and Olive Heights neighborhoods – A Shame Before God.

Dr. Horning and the residents of that area were interviewed by Karen Savage for The Life Support Project. The video interviews will stir you.

Remember Escambia County has had the laws on the books to stop the pits from hurting these people since 2005. County staff did not enforce them – Pitiful Pressure: Above the Law.

The opening quote: – “My husband died of renal failure, my neighbor died of renal failure, my other neighbor behind me died of cancer. The lady over there, her granddaughter’s six months pregnant, and was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They live right here at the pit.”

Read An American Nightmare: The Community Wedgewood.