Live BP press conference

From Houston, Texas:

BP CEO Tony Hayward says that BP has done a “good job of containment.”

What is being done for containment:
An air force of planes deploying dispersants. One million feet of boom have been deployed. There is half-million feet in reserve and another two million in-transit. Ten thousand people have signed up as volunteers. Seven hundred boats have been chartered to help with the clean-up and containment, another 5,000 boats have applied.

“This is real-time learning.” Hayward talked about the industry has never dealt with a problem of this magnitude at this depth.

A small dome will be deployed that involves less seawater. Methanol will be used to handle freezing problem. It will be another 72 hours before BP knows if it will work.

Hayward says that more gas involved with this well than earlier thought.

We will resolve this. It’s just a question of how long it will take.”

Hayward gave the same talking points as the BP coeds have used repeatedly here.

BP’s goals are to:
1) Eliminate leak
2) Contain the spill
3) And protect the shoreline

Another option for stopping leaks:
Using a technique called a “junk shot,” where debris is pumped into the preventer at high pressure, is one option.