Local hospitals report 114 COVID patients – up 12 from July 3

The city of Pensacola has shared that our local hospitals report 114 COVID patients as of July 4.  Two weeks ago the total was in the teens, according to city officials.

Ascension Sacred Heart: 46

Baptist & Gulf Breeze Hospital: 18

West Florida & Santa Rosa Medical: 50

Total: 114



6 thoughts on “Local hospitals report 114 COVID patients – up 12 from July 3

  1. 770 new cases is 0.2% of the county population. Everyone knew there would be an increase in cases when we re-opened from the shutdown. Also, based on the generaly agreed upon statistic that approximately 80% of those testing positive are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, there’s no need for community wide panic. Businesses are shutting down because one of their employees tested positive. I wonder if they will do that in the future for the seasonal flu or other common communicable diseases? Not a very good business model

  2. I don’t think anyone would call 770 new cases in five days (54% jump) “any” uptick. Hospitalizations lag behind new cases. Hospital leaders are concerned and have supported city’s mandatory face mask order.

  3. Any uptick can be called a spike. It’s still a minimal portion of the community. Also, the hospitals have been saying they have plenty of capacity and are encouraging non-virus patients to utilize their services.

  4. City of Houston,Texas is 0.03%

    City of Los Angeles about .04%

    Miami-Dade County about 0.044%

    Three areas dealing with COVID spikes. Escambia is in dubious company.

  5. So, .03% of the Escambia County population is hospitalized because of the virus.

  6. Dear Rick, it seems strange that Gulf Breeze and Baptist combined are reporting roughly a third of the covid patients as either Sacred Heart or West Florida. Why aren’t they seeing the same numbers? Demographics, specialties, etc.?

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