Local hospitals report 122 COVID patients

The city of Pensacola has released that the hospitals in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties have reported six more COVID patients – total 122

Ascension Sacred Heart: 56

Baptist & Gulf Breeze: 21

West Florida & Santa Rosa Medical: 45

Total 122

The city has an informative dashboard on COVID – here.

Escambia & Santa Rosa counties had the same number of new hospitalizations as Kings County, Washington – where Seattle is located.


4 thoughts on “Local hospitals report 122 COVID patients

  1. And when hospital CEOs advised to back off restrictions, they were lessened. The same executives have called for face masks and asked the city council to support Mayor Robinson’s executive order. The bar closures and other measures are from the governor’s office.

  2. You will recall, it was the medical professionals and scientists who from the very beginning were calling for shutdowns and other measures to stop the hospitals from being over run. That never happened nationally or locally. Hospitals are designed to run at full capacity. The experts are the ones who pushed hospital capacity as the critical factor in response to the virus.

  3. It seem to me that until we reach capacity in the ICU and in hospital bed is ok for many I guess that we can have a lot more cases and death before this becomes an issue. I fail to see the logic of many,

  4. As of today in Escambia County, 900 hospital beds are occupied, 444 or 31% are available. The 122 admitted patients who also tested positive for the virus account for only 12% of bed use. There is not a capacity issue.

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