Local Kickstarter campaign promotes performance apparel and will give back to youth sports

Pensacola resident Todd Fisher has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his line of performance apparel, GetHooked.

“We are gaining some momentum on Kickstarter and have raised nearly $2,300 of our $6,000 target,” said Fisher. “Our community driven business partnership model seems to be resonating with a few. We have nearly 700 FaceBook likes in just four weeks.”

From his web page:

GetHooked was born from persistence, desire and yes a little or perhaps a lot of frustration, taking a dream and making it a reality. Understanding that to take a hobby to the next level, regardless of the hobby, you need to Believe. Believe in your heart and soul that you can accomplish your goals. You need to Commit. Commit 100% to achieving your goals, not 50%, 75% or even 95%, Commit 100%. Last you need to execute and Act. Act and repeat until you are as close to perfection as you can possibly be. Adhere to these principles and we guarantee you will be successful at whatever it is you do.

So besides our Products what makes us Different? Our GOTO Market strategy actually aims to engage local communities, athletes and enthusiast by partnering with Family/Locally Owned Sporting establishments in 8 major markets initially.Our uniqueness resides in our Partner Model in that while we are a privately held company we are creating a Corporate Sharing Dividend for our initial, yet be determined number, retail partners that help us achieve our success. We want to be more than a corporate brand, we want to engage locally and reach our retailers by giving them an ALL UPSIDE benefit for helping us and THEM succeed in their local markets. We believe Private, Local Social Media Campaigns, in these markets will create a viral and loyal fan base for our quality products and our local retailers.

In addition to partnering with locally owned businesses we are searching for and will actively pursue partnerships with Community Youth Sport Organizations with the goal of driving dollars back into local communities that help us achieve brand awareness and penetration.

Check it out – here.