Luke defends GOP, of course

agony  WCOA’s Angry Old White Man – Luke McCoy – defended the Republican Party in the wake of the Mark Foley scandal on Monday radio show. Of course, he completely botched all the facts and overlooked the cover-up by the Congressional Leadership.

He insinuated that the Clinton-Monica scandal was far worse. First, Mr McCoy, Foley committed a crime with an underage boy. Clinton broke no laws – Lewinsky was an adult, admits to pursuing the President and was definitely consenting. Foley was a sexual predator of teenage boys. The worse Clinton did was show poor judgement – Lewinsky hasn’t said she was abused and Hilary Clinton has forgiven her husband’s indiscretion.

At the heart of the Foley scandal – a Congressman that the House leadership knew had a preoccupation with the  male pages and who the House page chaperones warned the boys to stay away from. Foley broke the law and those who covered it up and put more children at risk should be punished along with Foley.