Mack believes Hall, DeWeese may try to raise property taxes

Yesterday, Councilwoman Diane Mack posted on her blog her review of the recent 12-point pledge by Mayor Mike Wiggins, who Mack is supporting for re-election. In her comments on Wiggins’ pledge not to raise property taxes, Mack said that there were council members who wanted to raise taxes and that Wiggins would be the mayoral candidate most likely to veto such a bill.

“I will not raise property tax rates.” As noted in the post of October 8th, there are City Council members prepared to place an additional tax burden, by whatever name, on City taxpayers because there are projects they want to fund. The Mayor must be willing to use his veto power to block such Council initiatives; that Mayor Wiggins has pledged to do so, in black and white, puts him head and shoulders above his opponent. In fact, Mr. Hayward is supported by those Council members who are most likely to press for increased taxes.

I called Mack last night to find out who she believes on the City Council wants to raise property taxes – which last was done in 1994. She said that Sam Hall had hinted during the budget workshops that “we may just have to bite the bullet.” Mack also said that Maren DeWeese has been “looking for money for the firefighter,” and Mack believes that DeWeese will be bringing up a fire services assessment.

Mack said that Larry Johnson will “go along with them.” (Note: Hall, DeWeese and Johnson are Ashton Hayward supporters.)