Marty lied during WSRE debate

Bilbo Last night, Pensacola City Councilman Marty “Call me” Donovan claimed that when he met with Mort O’Sullivan in December 2004 that he had no idea what the meeting was about. He alleged that he was completely surprised that O’Sullivan was talking about a plan for the Trillium property.

According to Tom Bonfield, Pensacola City Manager: Marty was told that he would be getting a phone call from either Mort O’Sullivan or Adm. Jack Fetterman about a proposal for the Trillium property. It happened on December 17, 2004 over lunch at Marina Oyster Barn.

“I always brief the council individually after the election and before the start of a new year on what’s on the drawing board for the city, ” Bonfield told me. “The park idea was definitely a part of that briefing.”

This is the second lie Marty has told about his private meetings on the Community Maritime Park (Donovan emails: Marty never begged).