Mayor proposes selling Blount School property and other land in west Pensacola

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward has placed on the council agenda for next week a request that the City Council declare as surplus the property located at 113 North “C”
Street (Parcel ID number 00-0S-00-9080-001-018), and authorize the Mayor to dispose of the property through a Request for Proposals. Councilwoman Jewel Cannada-Wynn is co-sponsor of the item.

In September 2011, Mayor Hayward asked the City Council to approval of use of Community Block Grant Funds to purchase the closed Blount Middle School property from Dr. Sunil Gupta and his partners for $222,713 and forgive all liens on the property. The property was put under a new activity – Westside Neighborhood Improvement.

Escambia County contributed $200,000 in Community Development Block Grant dollars toward the project’s demolition. It has set dormant since the demolition was completed in late 2012. The City held a neighborhood meeting in the summer of 2013 on possible uses for the property, but no decision was made. The mayor’s office has not held another meeting on the topic with the residents since them.

According to City Policy, the Request for Proposal option involves:

  •  Obtain appraisal.
  •  Notify property owners within 300 foot radius.
  •  Identify development or utilization criteria based on comprehensive plan, master plans, economic or market conditions, impact on adjacent neighborhoods, neighborhood input, and physical characteristics of property.
  •  Prepare RFP requirements and specifications.
  •  Accept public sealed proposal(s).
  •  Council accepts or rejects proposal(s).

Mayor Hayward also wants to dispose of other property in west Pensacola: lots in the 400 block of West Belmont, West Intendencia Street near Barrancas Avenue, and 1000 Block North “E” Street.

He is asking the council to let him engage the services of a real estate professional to market and sell the parcels. The Council can either accept or reject the final offers, according to city policy.


2 thoughts on “Mayor proposes selling Blount School property and other land in west Pensacola

  1. Seriously, those itty bitty parcels should be sold to the highest bidder ala how Escambia County sells off such small parcels. Notify the neighbor to make them aware it is up for sale if they want to expand their property.
    Involving some GOB realtor like Pair & Hayward would just eat up any proceeds.

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