McNesby attacks Brownsville problem


Seven years after taking office, Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby has attacked the drug, prostitution, litter and other criminal and code violations in the Brownsville area.

Operation Brownsville is an intensive clean-up of the Brownsville area by the ECSO and Escambia County code enforcement. It began Thursday with a press conference – to which we were mysteriously not invited. The daily newspaper is giving it daily arrest-by-arrest coverage. We’d cover it but his deputies might be too tempted to find a reason to include us in the sweep.
Similar operations have been successful in other communities, especially if the ECSO has an organized follow-up program. Good to see Ronnie Mac be creative and more pro-active.

..Oh, did I notice somewhere that Ronnie Mac is up re-election in 2008?

…probably just a coincidence.