Mexican Mafia in Biloxi

The Sun Herald in Biloxi is reporting that the FBI says that the Mexican Mafia is in South Mississippi.

“What used to be all money is now all guns,” said Troy Peterson, commander of the narcotics unit at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. “The Mexican cartel wants any weapons they can get to fight the war they’re having in Mexico right now. Without a doubt, they are definitely here, but they work in cells. Some are mixed in with (legitimate) workers. Some come in town and set up shop like a business. It’s a front. There are several of those we’ve identified. They’re doing a legitimate business, but it’s also a front for drugs, guns and prostitution.”

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Page three of the article identifies – Hugh Wiggins as a professional gun runner.

“They also found, court records show, two-way radios Hugh Wiggins threw out the window of a van he was in while traveling through Jackson County.

Florida court records later released in the case show a man, interviewed as a witness in the case, identified Hugh Wiggins as someone who referred to himself as a professional gun-runner — exactly the type of professional with whom authorities say Mexican Mafia members and their associates would be interested in doing business.”