Miller -civil rights advocate?


The daily reports today that Congressman Jeff Miller has asked for a probe into the allegations that retired Insurance Exec Skip Hunter tried to prevent a black businessman, Art Rocker, from moving into his neighborhood in the Pensacola Country Club area. Read:Miller urges probe in housing complaint

Rocker is assembling some well-known African-American leaders to make his case: H.K. Matthews, Dick Gregory, Rev. Fred Taylor with the National Southern Christian Leadership Conference….and Tommy White.

You may remember White from the Community Maritime Park debate. He was on the side of Marty Donovan and Save Our City. In 2004, he ran for Pensacola City Council placing dead last in a four-man race with 273 votes. Read: Who is Tommy White?

Many considered White’s political career dead, especially since most of the African-American community voted for the Community Maritime Park. Will Rocker’s case be White’s path back to politics?

I doubt it. He’s a pretender. The contenders remain Juanita Scott, Lumon & LuTimothy May, Kenny Dickerson, Tracey Richardson and Raymond Palmer. These young leaders are making things happen and aren’t waiting for others to anoint them.

White is fast becoming the next John Wyche.