Miller delivers GOP line on WCOA

capitolCongressman Jeff Miller was a guest of the Angry Old White Guy, Luke McCoy, on “Pensacola Speaks Rambles” Tuesday afternoon. Miller spoke of his lack of trust in the House leadership over the Foley scandal. He made it clear that he knew nothing about it.

Miller and Luke did assert the timing of these Foley revelations was very “suspicious” – after Congress had adjourned and before the Nov general election. They saw this as a political campaign against the party by the Democrats to win back the House.

Speaker Don Hastert made the same allegations on Rush Limbaugh claiming it was all a plot to get rid of him.

No, Congressman Miller & Mr. McCoy, Rep. Foley was a known sexual predator who GOP leaders knew had an abnormal preoccupation with the male pages. published emails that the St. Petersburg Times and Miami Herald should have published a year earlier. The more explicit text messages and claims by other pages that Foley crossed the line came after the stories were published….which is what happens in most abuse cases once a person has come forward.

The public deserves to know why Foley wasn’t censored earlier? Why was he allowed to chair a committee on missing and exploited children? what is being done to investigate whether other pages were abused by  congressmen? Is Foley the only problem? And what precautions are being put in place to protect the current and future pages?