Miller no longer believes BP is doing a good job

It’s amazing what a week of repeated bad press for BP, and cries from Panhandle voters, can do to change the perspective of our congressman, Jeff Miller. While Miller has been the only congressman in the nation to advocate EPA to speed its approval of the toxic dispersants that BP has been using to mask the crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, it looks like the Congressman knows a bandwagon when he sees one. The BP bandwagon is reeling out of control.

Congressman Miller is now upset: “BP’s lack of preparedness is unacceptable, and I strongly urge them to redouble their efforts in helping end this economic and ecological disaster.”

…”In the past, I have said there will be a time to point fingers, but right now we need to work together to fix the problem. Although the causes of the explosion are still under investigation, there is no question in my mind that BP was not prepared for a disaster of this magnitude and is responsible for both the cleanup and resolution to the leakage. Enough is enough!”

One month after the explosion at Deepwater Horizon, Miller has joined our side….maybe.