Moby misses point on airport hotel lease

PNJ columnist Mark Obrien missed what I think is the real point about the airport hotel lease approved by the Pensacola City Council. The issue is not a “Clash of the Hotel Titans”. The issue is what is the proper process for such deal of this magnitude–which could be argued as being as big or bigger than the Community Maritime Park– and how was it botched so badly.

Here are the questions that should have been asked:

Is it the policy of the airport to get two appraisals?
>>If yes, then why wasn’t it a red flag that only one appraisal was in the folder?
>>If yes, then who approved the appraisals and was that person part of the negotiations?
>>Why did that person not mention the other appraisal during one-on-one meetings with the council or the committee meetings?
>>Who was given copies of the appraisals and/or the cover letters?

>>If no, then why was the second appraisal ordered? Sherrill’s appraisal (the higher one) was completed first. Who ordered the Asmar appraisal?

Someone noticed the two appraisals were nearly $1 million apart. Who ordered Brantley to review the appraisals and issue a new valuation?
>>Is that airport policy?
>>Is the person who noticed the difference in appraisals the same one who ordered the Brantley review? Was that person part of the ground lease negotiations?
>>Who reviewed Brantley’s report?
>>Who was given copies?

Who negotiated the ground lease for the city?