Money helps in city races, but not always

There were nine City of Pensacola races. The winner or top vote-getter spent the most money in seven of the races. A sitting council member spent the most money in seven races – At-Large 9 had no sitting council member running.

Money was not a factor in City Council Dist. 3 race. Incumbent Mike DeSorbo spent four times as much as the winner Maren DeWeese – $11,858 to 2,897.

Jacci Shumaker made the Dist. 7 runoff versus incumbent Ronald Townsend even though Townsend outspent her 4 to 1 – $3702 to $908.

At-Large Dist. 8: Diane Mack was outspent by Joe Buehler, $22,544 to $14,207. Buehler did not make the runoff. Mack will face incumbent Jack Nobles who spent $10,697.

The top vote-getter, Megan Pratt, was also the candidate who spent the most money, $37,985. She got 17,492 votes, spending about $2.17 per vote.

The candidate who got the most votes for his money was Bob Walker (who lost to PC Wu/Dist. 1) – $.20 per vote for 1,183 votes. Eric Schmitz spent $0.35 per vote in the mayoral race. Shumaker only spent $0.88 per vote to make the runoff with Townsend.

Losing candidate Peter Saccomanno (Dist. 2) spent $15.29 per vote for 1,044 votes. DeSorbo spent $5.47 per vote. Buehler spent $4.20 per vote.

Total spent on all nine races: $224,101.
Mayor: $38,026
At-large 8: $47,448
At-large 9: $50,502
Dist. 1: $4,068
Dist. 2: $35,294
Dist. 3: $14,755
Dist. 4: $17,835
Dist. 6: $8,577
Dist. 7: $7,596