More on LuTimothy May

The nominee packet issue for the CMPA Board of Trustees did not have the full bio on Rev. LuTimothy May.

Here it is:

A native Pensacolian, LuTimothy May is a natural and trained leader. He has been called one of the most promising and influential young leaders of Northwest Florida. His leadership journey has included experiences all over the country and culminated with a significant role as the Pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, one of the fastest growing churches in the area. Under his leadership, the church has more than tripled its membership in his less than 2-year tenure. His ministry reaches beyond the walls of the church and extends into the community and city of Pensacola. Presented with opportunities to lead in many other cities, Mr. May has made a decision to return to Pensacola as a dedicated and committed leader.

Born in a family that has exhibited a high level of commitment and dedication to the City of Pensacola, LuTimothy May understands the sincerity of representing those who need a voice. The son of the late Theophalis May, a man who has contributed more to the Historic District of Pensacola than any other individual, LuTimothy grew up with a sense of the great appreciation for preserving the greatness of Pensacola. With such a rich historical perspective of the city of Pensacola, Mr. May presents a unique and outstanding perspective to the CMPA Board. .

Taking risks and understanding the long-term value of the process is not a foreign concept to LuTimothy May. While he has proven his fiscal responsibility by leading his congregation in their largest land acquisition, he also sparked the revitalization of his West Side Neighborhood. At a time when no other entity, or developer would build in a underserved community, Mr. May made a decision to build his home in a neighborhood that had not seen new construction in over thirty years. If you were to take tour of this neighborhood now, you will find that his leadership sparked the significant revitalization. In fact, you will see how the city of Pensacola and outside developers have begun to realize the value that Mr. May saw years ago.

LuTimothy May has been an involved member of the community since he was a young child. He has followed in his mother’s footsteps, as a committed community volunteer. He is a mentor; he donates his time and resources to those in need. He has participated in providing resources for community members that are underserved for the majority of his life, for example he and his family coordinated a significant food, cloth and household materials give away after Hurricane Ivan. Mr. May is a member of the League of Women Voters, sits on the Pensacola High School Advisory Counsel and is an active member of the Baptist Ministers Alliance of North West Florida. His commitment to the health needs of his community has led him to meet with senior leadership of Baptist Health Care to discuss partnership opportunities.

Mr. May has exhibited his concern for the development of a great Maritime Project, as he has not only attended many of the meetings, but also has also actively engaged himself in the process. He has spent a great deal of time and resources making sure that he understands the process and that he shares the process with the community. The CMPA Board will be greatly benefited by the contributions of Mr. May as a member.