More today

Working on three leads on the Billings murders. I hope to post something significant on the case later today.

Yesterday was our print day for the newspaper so I had to wear my publisher hat most of the day. The Thursday, July 23 issue has a solid cover story on the Billings case.

The phone rang off the hook yesterday. I was interviewed, really it was more of an ambush, by Jonathan Hunt for Shepard Smith’s show on Fox News. Hunt went after the validity and reliability of my sources for the murder-for-hire post. I must have handled it better than he expected, because they decided not to run the interview….or I was just that bad of an interview. The networks don’t like being scooped by a small town newspaper publisher.

The Contract Killing report made most of the national news shows. The Daily Beast – for which I also wrote an article on this – got credit for breaking the story in some of the telecasts. Watching the shows, I was amazed at how wrong many of the “talking heads” are about this story. Some are just making up stuff that has little basis in fact.

As with so many posts on this blog, other news tips have come in and I’m pursuing those. The Daily Beast has asked for articles, too. The Contract Killing story attracted readers to their site.

I did have a person contact me who said that he could get me on Nancy Grace. I turned it down.