MPDP responds…somewhat

Maritime Park Development Partners has given the CMPA a new schedule:
Construction Contract Approval by CMPA–April 23, 2010
Construction Contract Approval by City Council– May 6, 2010
Earthwork Begins –May 14, 2010
Stadium Construction Begins –May 28, 2010
Bulkhead Construction Begins –July 7, 2010
Stadium Opens –October 4, 2011
Stadium and Park –Completed November 15, 2011

Here is Edward Spears’ analysis of the completeness of MPDP’s response:
Below is the list of items requested in the Memorandum from Chairman Todd and a notation of what was included in the submission. Please forward any questions or comments you have on the material to me by close of business on Thursday. I will consolidate them and forward to MPDP to ensure they will be addressed on Friday.

1. Administrative
A. MPDP Team – a list of team members, consultants, organizational chart, etc. RECEIVED
B. Statement of MPDP Financial Capacity DID NOT RECEIVE
C. Bonding Commitment Letter, in format acceptable to CMPA DID NOT RECEIVE

2. Project
A. Written Scope or Statement of Work DID NOT RECEIVE
B. Phase 1 Development Plan, to include:

1. Site Plan RECEIVED
2. Enlarged Plans for each of the Project Elements RECEIVED
3. Multi-Use Stadium Plans, Elevations and Sections RECEIVED

C. Phase 1 Enhanced Development Plan (utilizing NMTC) DID NOT RECEIVE

3. Project Cost Estimate
A. Provide a Schedule of Values for the GMP RECEIVED
B. Provide a report for each area and sub-area identified in the schedule of values RECEIVED

4. Project Schedule
A. Detail the methodology by which you will be constructing the Maritime Park – MPDP as GC, Joint Venture, 3rd Party GC, etc. DID NOT RECEIVE
B. Provide a projected schedule highlighting start/completion of key components. RECEIVED

Here is the MPDP response: Response