MPDP responds

Maritime Park Development Partners, Inc. states in a letter to Ed Spears, executive director for Community Maritime Park, that the financial statements of MPDP, Rick Rodriguez, MAGI Realty Inc. and Brass Real Estate Funds are exempt from dissemination to the public under Florida Statues 119.071 (1)(c). (Read Response to Document Request 5-2-10 signed)

Also MPDP released a letter from Bryan Leonard, Managing Director of NorthMarq, that states Mr. Leonard’s previous firm, GMAC Commercial Mortgage and its successor, had completed more $100 million in financing with Mr. Rodriguez and his affiliated entities in the past five years. Leonard writes that Rodriguez closed in late 2009 on an $18-million apartment complex.

Read Statement of Financial Capability 4-5-10-1.

I guess the intent of the Leonard letter is to serve as credit reference for Mr. Rodriguez.