My Sopranos ending


Tony hires Ellis Bullock who helps spin this misunderstanding with Phil and rebuilds Tony’s image. Mort O’Sullivan steps in and helps the two mob bosses patch up their relationship. He even gives them toasters for their trouble.

Then Tony hires the Studer Group to help with his employee satisfaction scores. It doesn’t quite work because the employees are afraid to open “Thank you” letters from Tony. We later learn that Tony’s real motive is to be the master developer of the Community Maritime Park because he needs a place to dump some bodies.

Meanwhile the Sopranos move to Pensacola and buy a Portofino Tower. His units are featured in Pensacola Magazine, Bella and Home & Garden. AJ enrolls in PJC and becomes a licensed massage therapist. Meadow joins the Pensacola Young Professionals, chairs parties and makes the 2008 IN Lust List. Carmella joins Impact 100 and pays for a Pelican statue honoring Italian-Americans.

Everything is fine until Paulie comes down to Pensacola and people mistake him for Theo Baars…it’s the white shoes. Paulie tries to muscle in on the Krispy Kreme franchise with his own Krappy Kakes diner after his restaurant “Sleep with the Fishes” House fails.

The show ends with Tony wacking Paulie to keep the peace and so he can get his membership in the McGuire’s Irish Politician Club.