Myers proposes changes in land development code to prevent another Dollar General debacle

Councilwoman Sherri Myers has proposed changes to the city’s land development code that will require more notification of rezoning changes. Recently the city of Pensacola has come under fire for how the rezoning change for a parcel on Spanish Trail was approved by the city’s Planning Board that would allow Dollar General store to be built on the property. Residents protested what they felt was inadequate notification.

Myers’ proposed changes extend the notification period from seven days to 14 days, and requires property owners within 1,500 ft. of the parcel be notified of the hearing. The current requirement is 500 ft.

The council will first hear Myer’s proposal at its Dec. 9 Agenda Review session.

“The changes are significant in that it will require notice to a larger geographical area and increase the time of the notices,” Myers told the IN. “One of the major problems with the Dollar General zoning change issues is the fact that very few people knew that the issue was coming before the Planning Board. I am hoping to increase public knowledge regarding this issue.”

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