Nancy Fetterman: “Well done”

Note from Nancy Fetterman:

Tonight, I just returned from the cruise that Jack and I were to take together.

It is late morning in Florence so I am wide-awake reading my mail. I was so delighted to receive the good news from John Cavanaugh and then read the PNJ on line and see that the Park effort passed! I know I missed a good party!

In reviewing the old messages, I have been reading all the emails from each of you before the vote. Those notes translate your passion, encouragement, disappointment, excitement, valor, and resolute activity as it built to a crescendo. You all have become a family, a team, and friends for a higher cause.

In the future, Pensacolians will recognize this Park effort as the renaissance that this city needed to shape its future.

As they say in the Navy, “Bravo Zulu,” – well done.

Nancy Fetterman