National POW MIA Recognition Day

The 3rd Friday in September is National POW MIA Recognition Day and a National day of Remembrance.

Tonight at 7 pm, the Pensacola National POW MIA (Prisoner of War, Missing in Action) recognition day ceremony of remembrance will be held at Pensacola’s Veteran’s Memorial Park located on Bayfront Parkway. There will be a candlelight vigil, guest speaker and tolling of the bell for those local servicemen who did not return home from their service to our nation.

There will also be a motorcycle observation run on Saturday to raise funds for a monument to be added to the Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park located on Bay Front Parkway. The Motorcycle Observation Run will begin at 9 am at the American Legion Post #340 located on Ashland Ave.

This event is sponsored by the Pensacola Chapter of the Vietnam & Legacy Veterans Motorcycle Club. For more information please contact Dean Halstead at 850-572-9758