Naysayer claims CMP plan hoax

Got this post to the blog:

Rick Outzen,
Shame on you for linking to the PNJ hosted PDF file of the “latest” park features. That 16 page PDF file is a hoax. Print it out, then print out the real PDF file of the 09-26-2007 presentation hosted at the City’s website. Then compare the two documents. Page for page.
You will find that nine out of 16 pages of the false PDF have been altered and modified to represent what is to be built versus what is hoped for.

There is no hoax. The pdf on the city website (Design Criteria Public Input Presentation 9/26/07 ) is more detailed. It’s 122 pages. The pdf on the PNJ site is a summary given the daily newspaper and us the day of the presentation (Latest park renderings ).

It’s this endless pursuit of X-Files type conspiracies that is so crazy. When facts don’t agree with their opinions, they ignore them or dispute them.