New CRA Leadership

Pensacola’s Community Redevelopment Agency has a new chairman and vice chairman. The CRA board—comprised of the Pensacola City Council—chose its new leadership Jan. 9.

Councilman Brian Spencer is the CRA’s new chairman, while Councilman John Jerralds will serve as its new vice chairman.

The board’s former chairwoman, Megan Pratt, said that the office had been “such a joy” that she did not wish to serve another term. Pensacola City Council President Sam Hall told Pratt he would’ve voted for her to serve as chairman again, but he didn’t think she would want to.

“I just got a sense a couple of months ago that you were ready to let someone else do this,” Hall said.

Pratt came under fire toward the end of last year after she engaged a private attorney and embarked on drawing up a new interlocal agreement with the city.

The CRA’s vice chairman seat actually came down to a tie—between Jerralds and Pratt. The former chairwoman wasn’t up for that seat, either.

“I could withdraw,” Pratt told her cohorts before holding a runoff vote. “That would make life easier.”