New poll: Crist has 10-pt lead over Fried

In a recent Political Matrix/Listener Group poll of 660 likely Florida Democrat voters, Congressman Charlie Crist leads Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried 40.9% to 30.5%,leaving 28.6% undecided.

Among female voters, Crist has 43.3% while Fried distantly trails with 28.3%. The congressman, who served as governor from 2007-2011 when he was a Republican, has a nearly a 14-point lead overt the agriculture commissioner among Black voters.

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1 thought on “New poll: Crist has 10-pt lead over Fried

  1. A recycled RINOs who now identifies as a Democrat is not the answer.
    Florida needs strong Democrats who can rebut the bulls$#@@&ry of the mouth breathing DeSantis crowd. 20+ years of Republican hegemony has wrecked Florida.

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