New website aims to hold elected officials in Okaloosa County accountable

The website is created by Okaloosa County. It is a campaign to put the priorities of regular citizens at the forefront with elected officials.

From its About page: “Through digital contact and live town hall meetings, we aspire to learn more about the issues which have the most profound impact on the public Then, hold us accountable for results!”

It was introduced last night at town hall meeting in Crestview. Daily News reporter Tom McLaughlin wrote that the site is where “local residents can use to make suggestions, help set government priorities and even track down wandering politicians.”

Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley described the website as a “citizen think tank.” He told the standing room only crowd, “It’s a one stop shop where you can address your priorities and concerns.”

The website has calendar for all public town halls and local government meetings (both county and city), as well as the calendars of the state representatives.

If it works, we might see other counties adopt this initiative.